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Bridger Bowl: New General Manager

Bridger Bowl announce the new General Manager of Bridger Bowl, Hiram Towle! Hiram has been in the ski industry for 20 years, most recently as the GM of Mt. Ashland in Ashland, OR - a fellow non-profit ski area.

“I grew up at a soulful community ski area from the age of two with a dad who was a dedicated patroller. It was there that I developed my love of the sport. I joined the ski industry to give back to the sport I love, and protect its purity and purpose that I saw being lost. I have learned without a doubt that areas like Bridger Bowl are the most important on the planet, providing affordable access to this life-changing sport. I am honored to join Bridger’s passionate alpine community and add to the ski area’s already stellar operation. I’ll see you on the mountain soon!”

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