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New for Small Ski Areas MountainOffice Lite

MountainOffice is excited to announce a new offering specially tailored to small ski areas. Recognizing that smaller ski areas may not have IT departments or even departments dedicated to lift maintenance or vehicle maintenance, MountainOffice has created MountainOffice LITE.

Small ski areas have the same maintenance needs and requirements as larger ski areas. The paperwork for recording, organizing, and searching their logs and work orders can be a greater task than their more significant colleagues. MountainOffice recognizes the need and has provided a simple solution.

MountainOffice LITE is a cloud-based software solution that enables small ski areas to manage their entire infrastructure efficiently. No installation is required, and no contract binding the ski area to a period of time.

With MountainOffice LITE, the ski area gets a mobile app that allows the ski area to manage its assets with work orders, manuals, and documents. You get tracking and documentation of maintenance work and inspections in real-time.

The good news is that there are no start-up costs, and the cost is only $46.50/ user/month. You must be under 4 million VTF/hour to qualify as a small ski area.

Give Steep Management a call at (802) 279-3081 for a free demo

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