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Jakob Rope and lifting technoligy launches new prices

Lifting, lowering, pulling and securing. Jakob Rope Systems supplies the right equipment for every project. Now the Swiss rope manufacturer is making its range of rope and lifting technology even more attractive with new prices.

Jakob Rope Systems from Emmental advises and supplies customers with a full range of rope and lifting technology. The products and services are used in construction, forestry, industry, mountain railroads, agriculture and private households.

From natural and synthetic fiber ropes to wire ropes, chains, web slings, safety nets, PPE and accessories, the company offers rope technology, safety and quality for every purpose. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of services that includes maintenance and splicing work as well as periodic inspections of ropes and slings.

Advice and fair prices for customers
Jakob Rope Systems is now lowering prices for its rope and lifting technology products. This makes the rope specialist's extensive range of products attractive to a wider audience. The new prices apply to: Fiber ropes, wire ropes including accessories, chains, webbing, textile safety nets, PPE and much more.

Wire ropes have been manufactured by Jakob Rope Systems at the company's site in Emmental for over 70 years. In addition, the company offers all types of twisted and braided fiber ropes for a wide range of applications here. For individual customer requests and inquiries about custom-made ropes and lifting equipment, the Jakob sales team provides advice by phone or directly at the factory.

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About Jakob Rope Systems
Jakob Rope Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of wire ropes and rope nets for architecture, bridge safety, animal enclosures, mountain railroads and rope & lifting technology. Founded in 1904 in Trubschachen, the family-owned company is managed by Peter Jakob in the third generation and employs more than 110 people in Trubschachen, over 600 in Vietnam and around 30 in Germany, France, Austria and the USA.

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