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Inntopia’s DestiMetrics Launches New and Powerful Interactive Dashboard Software for the Travel Industry

Destination Explorer, the latest tool developed by Stowe-based Inntopia, debuts this week as the newest software program they offer to assist Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVBs), and lodging suppliers to more closely monitor their collective and individual performance through an interactive dashboard. This is the most recent innovation by DestiMetrics, a division of Inntopia that develops and manages forward-looking data products, reports, and services for lodging properties in resort destinations. This recent addition to their growing selection of programs to assist with long-range projections for bookings, Destination Explorer adds a layer of interactivity and intelligence to the travel industry’s most accurate, forward-looking destination performance dataset.
“We’re well known in the destination travel industry for the quality and reliability of our data,” said Tom Foley, senior vice president of business intelligence for Inntopia. “This user-friendly dashboard is a high-powered reporting tool that gives destinations and property managers a fresh way to view and understand their forward-looking performance data and to use that data to effectively match their individual needs and goals.”
The advantage of Destination Explorer is the easy interface that allows users to explore forward-looking occupancy and then compare that performance to previous seasons and historical averages. Offering the same insights as DestiMetrics’ popular Daily Occupancy Report, Destination Explorer offers many new features, insights, and filters to enhance their understanding of their key performance indicators.
The tool also integrates how various economic and reservation-related patterns influence guest decision-making and booking intentions. Users can investigate the potential impact of weather and snowfall, consumer confidence, holidays, school vacations, or special events on a visitor’s intention to book a destination vacation. Armed with that additional intelligence, property managers are better prepared and informed to make proactive operational decisions on issues like pricing, staffing, and value-added incentives.
Individual properties will also have access to new tools within a destination that will enable them to explore, understand, and measure their performance against themselves, the destination as a whole, and the greater destination travel market.
“For nearly 20 years our monthly reports have had both performance and contextual factors such as economic indicators included, and we’ve worked individually with our customers to help them better see the full picture,” said Foley. “We will continue to provide that same support and access for participating destinations, but this dashboard takes a big step forward in utilizing technologies like Artificial Intelligence that identify the meaningful and often hidden trends and correlations. It definitely gives us a stronger foundation as we continue to add more data sources, visualization tools, and layers of controls to this dashboard.”
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