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Big Sky Resort: Structural work on the new top terminal is complete

The structural work on the new top terminal is complete and rope pulling is underway, linking the top terminal to the bottom terminal via the haul rope and four track cables over a 2,142 foot vertical rise. 
Under the structure lies 23 micropiles reaching 50-70 feet into the rock, connecting to the concrete slab, which supports a load of 270,000 pounds. Over the course of two summers, construction teams have poured over 1,300 cubic yards of concrete, installed six tie-back anchors, and placed 114 metric tons of steel at the top terminal. 
“The structural completion of the top terminal is a major milestone two years in the making,” said Chad Wilson, the resort’s vice president of construction.  

The replacement of the Lone Peak Tram has been long-awaited after its 27 years of operation. A completely reimagined scenic experience on the summit of Lone Peak complements the ski access, offering guests a must-do activity during both winter and summer seasons. In the future, the top terminal of the new tram will include an all-glass viewing platform with panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and down the fall line of Lone Mountain through a glass floor.
The new tram broke ground in the summer of 2022 and will open winter 2023. 

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