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Hilltop Ski Area :Chairlift Haul Rope Replacement

Nestled amidst the picturesque Alaskan wilderness, Hilltop Ski Area, a beloved non-profit community ski area, recently completed a vital upgrade - the replacement of the Riblet Chairlift's haul rope. This crucial project, spanning a month and a half, was initiated to ensure the safety and reliability of the cherished chairlift.

The meticulous installation process, installed by Hilltop's team of lift mechanics, involved splicing and tensioning of the new haul rope to exact specifications.  

This is a chance to see a behind the scenes look to keeping the ski area running year round.  Hilltop constantly works to improve operations and will be working to fundraise to replace this lift over the next few years.  To donate to support Hilltop please click the link:

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