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Doppelmayr to construct ropeway of Uruapan in Mexico

The government of the Mexican state of Michoacán has allocated an investment of three billion pesos (~ 164 Mio. USD) for the project with a length of 8.4 kilometres and a capacity of 1,500 passengers per hour and direction.

Doppelmayr, the global market leader in the design, manufacturing and construction of ropeway systems with more than 15,400 installations implemented in 96 countries and a market share of 62 %, has been awarded the contract to develop and construct a ropeway in Uruapan, Mexico. The government of Michoacán has allocated an investment of three billion pesos (~ 164 Mio. USD) for the project that is going to be launched this week and will employ 600 people during its construction period of 24 months.

The ropeway will feature six stations, 50 towers and 94 cabins and transport up to 1,500 passengers per hour and direction for a ticket price of 10 pesos (~0.55 USD). With a length of 8.4 kilometres, passengers will be able to do the trip on the currently longest ropeway line in all Mexico in 29 minutes. As a further highlight, the ropeway shall also use clean energy sources for operation.

“Projects like this have a positive social impact as they not only offer fast, safe and fully accessible transportation to everyone but also boost local economy around the stations. With the development of this new ropeway we take a big step towards the transformation of public transportation to increase sustainability in Uruapan”, says Konstantinos Panagiotou, CEO of Doppelmayr Mexico.

Doppelmayr was also the company commissioned to build the urban ropeway connection Cablebús Línea 1 in Mexico City that was inaugurated on July 11, 2021. Currently, Línea 3 is under construction with six stations, a length of 5.5 kilometres and an initial capacity of 102,000 passengers per day who will be transported in 71 cabins in approximately 21 minutes. This will not only help improve mobility but also benefit users.

The new ropeway will feature the newest generation of D-Line detachable cabins, each of them offering seats for ten passengers and integrated Wi-fi connection along the line. Upon completion of construction, about 36 million passengers a year shall benefit from the new connection.

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