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Doppelmayr chosen as partner for Cable Liner® at Newark Airport

The Port Authority New York and New Jersey is planning a new mobility solution at Newark Liberty International Airport (New Jersey/USA). The existing system has become outmoded and is to be replaced by a modern, reliable people mover system. Doppelmayr has now been selected as partner in a multi-step procurement process. The Wolfurt-based ropeway manufacturer will be contracted to carry out the design, construction, operation and maintenance of an automated Cable Liner®. The opening of the new AirTrain Newark is scheduled for 2029. 

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey (USA) is a major international airport in the New York catchment area. The AirTrain Newark Replacement Program is a comprehensive project of the Port Authority New York and New Jersey, which is aimed at revitalizing the existing transport connection for air travelers. The Authority has now selected Doppelmayr as system supplier and operation partner in a multi-phase procurement process for the implementation of the new AirTrain Newark. The contract includes US$ 570 million for the design, engineering and construction of the Cable Liner® as well as an estimated US$ 385 million (net present value) for operation and maintenance of the installation over 20 years. AirTrain Newark covers a four-kilometer (2.5-mile) route and serves millions of passengers a year as the primary means of transport between three passenger terminals, parking and rental car facilities as well as regional rail transit links. 

“This is a critical step in our wide-ranging efforts to revitalize and modernize Newark Liberty International Airport,” said Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole. “Given Doppelmayr’s experience and expertise, we know the firm will be a great partner in bringing our travelers the reliable, efficient transportation they deserve.” 

“We are proud to partner with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for the development of the new AirTrain Newark,” said Markus Schrentewein, Managing Director of Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH. “The Doppelmayr Group has a large number of similar projects to its name in the US, which are highly successful. These include the Oakland Airport Connector and two Cable Liner®systems in Las Vegas. For the AirTrain Newark project, Doppelmayr will place a special emphasis on creating value for the local community.” 

The next step will involve Doppelmayr and the Port Authority jointly defining further details of the project implementation – with a view to the new AirTrain Newark being put into service in 2029.

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