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TechnoAlpin is focusing on sustainable innovation to secure future snowmaking

TechnoAlpin, the world’s leading supplier of snowmaking systems, is committed to sustainable innovation. Innovation is one of the six material issues analyzed in the recently published sustainability report. The Company’s long-term goal is to define an internal innovation policy in which sustainability is considered a crucial process factor.
TechnoAlpin’s position as a top market leader is the result of the company’s tireless pursuit of innovation and technological excellence. This philosophy is firmly enshrined in our company goals and backed by constant investment in research and development.

Our innovation efforts extend far beyond developing new products and solutions. Continuous process optimization, integration of state-of-the-art technologies and the setting of outdoor and indoor snowmaking are central aspects. Innovation is the driving force for sustainable development across the entire company.
Trending topics including new manufacturing technologies, individualization, IoT and connectivity, platform systems, product safety, cyber security and predictive maintenance feature in the company’s innovation agenda.

Significant steps have already been taken in the past, including the introduction of a new service concept called B.E.A.T., which is based on preventive maintenance. Data analysis is actively used to improve customer advice and ensure efficient system planning. Investments in the latest technologies optimize internal processes and strengthen cyber security. Product innovations are aimed at a more efficient use of resources, a longer product service life and reduction in materials.

TechnoAlpin has set itself ambitious targets for 2025. Annual research and development investments to the tune of €8 million are intended to further drive innovation leadership. Sustainability will be enshrined in the innovation process and the use of IoT data in the B.E.A.T. service concept will support customers with preventive maintenance. The evaluation of IoT data for project planning and optimization allows individual advice to be given on the use of snowmaking systems and underlines TechnoAlpin's commitment to global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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