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Big-D Signature: Completion Brighton Resort Snake Creek Lodge

Big-D Signature is delighted to announce the completion of the Brighton Resort Snake Creek Lodge. This 4,600 SF indoor mid-mountain restaurant, with an additional 7,600 SF of outdoor seating, is strategically situated between two ski runs converging at the Snake Creek Lift. The lodge, located at an elevation of 9,210 ft, is in a remote location and can only be accessed by snowcat, skiing, mountain biking, or hiking. The project incorporated three repurposed shipping containers, housing six restrooms, and two combined to form a large commercial kitchen.

In addition, Signature laid the concrete foundations for 16 towers and terminals at both ends for the new Crest Lift, a Doppelmayr D-series, replacing the 30-year-old lift.

„We are thrilled for the Brighton community to experience the new resort enhancements and are proud to have contributed to this project.“

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