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Many small and large cable car operators opt for MountainOffice

In addition to large cable car companies such as Arlberger Bergbahen, more and more small and micro ski resorts are opting for MountainOffice operations management software.

MountainOffice Lite

The special and reasonably priced package for small ski areas enables a large number of cable car and T-bar lift operators to use the functionality of MountainOffice online. Even small operators now have to cope with a great deal of bureaucracy with limited personnel resources. After logging in, the data can be accessed from any device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone. Documenting all activities or managing data becomes child's play. The MoutainOffice Cloud Service takes care of data backup and access restriction.

Successful in the USA and Canada

Many North American ski resorts now rely on MountainOffce. These include the Yellowstone Mountain Club, Big White, Castle Mountain Resort, Massanutten, HoliMont, Pats Peak, Revelstoke, Sapphire Valley, Ski Cooper, Soldier Mountain, Stratton, Snowy Range, 49Degrees North and Hilltop Ski Area. A branch office (Steepmanagement) in the USA ensures local customer support.

MountainOffice - the solution
  • Comprehensive facility management
  • Maintenance - servicing - documentation
  • One-off and recurring work
  • Plan - distribute - document - analyze
  • Management of the entire infrastructure
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Work instructions, operating instructions and documents are available to employees
  • Recording and documentation of maintenance work, repairs, inspections and much more in real time
  • Documentation of incidents, accidents, defects
  • Assignment of user rights for different areas

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