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Prinoth part of the world´s-first fossil-free ski-resort project

Leading Scandinavian ski resort operator SkiStar is undertaking a unique pilot project to operate a ski resort completely fossil-free.

SkiStar, a leading company in mountain tourism in Scandinavia, has embarked on an initiative to make its Stockholm ski resort, Hammarbybacken, completely fossil-free. Prinoth plays a crucial role in this project by supplying the world's only electric snow groomer, our Husky E-Motion. Skistar owns and operates 6 resorts and this pilot project not only contributes to their 2030 sustainability goal but sets the scene for future resorts.

Fanny Sjödin, Head of Sustainability at SkiStar, emphasizes the company's commitment to driving the climate transition in mountain tourism. "By daring to test, we show that it is possible to convert a ski resort to fossil-free, while remaining humble and open to all insights the pilot project will provide."

The goal is to showcase the feasibility of a fossil-free ski resort operation. This entails an overhaul of the entire vehicle fleet, with snow groomers usually being the last part of the puzzle.

"We challenge ourselves to think differently by embarking on this pilot project, and we hope it propels us toward more sustainable mountain experiences," says Fanny Sjödin. Hammarbybacken is a leader in terms of innovation and serves as an ideal venue for this initiative, helping to identify challenges, guide decisions and act as a compass for the future.

The project, praised by the City of Stockholm, aligns with the city's goal to be a global leader in emissions reduction and climate positivity by 2030. Karin Wanngård, Mayor of Stockholm, acknowledges the commendable use of Hammarbybacken as a test arena for climate-friendly solutions.

The test, initiated on January 30, features an all-electric fleet, including Prinoth's E motion Husky, alongside other electric vehicles. Charging is facilitated by a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), and a new power contract ensures 100% renewable electricity and water.

As a key participant in the press conference on February 13, Prinoth joins SkiStar and other partners in sharing insights into the first two weeks of the pilot project. The project's success will not only mark a pivotal moment for SkiStar but also promises to be a catalyst for other ski resorts wanting to reduce their carbon emissions.

Prinoth's involvement in this initiative underscores its commitment to providing cutting-edge, sustainable solutions that contribute to a greener future in the world of winter sports and mountain tourism. The Husky E-Motion is not just a snow groomer but a symbol of progress, helping to pave the way for the reduction of emissions in ski resorts and for winter sports around the world.

Make a Difference. Zero emissions. Perfect trails. The Husky E-Motion is the only electric snow groomer in series production in the world.

Photos: © SkiStar

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