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Blue Mountain Resort, Poconos: Snowmaking by using less energy

As we bid farewell to Earth Month, we're excited to share how even the largest snowmaking system in the East can contribute to energy conservation. Our ongoing investments towards upgrading our snowmaking system not only help us produce more snow, but also makes snow by using less energy. Our latest snow guns use 5% less energy compared to our older snow guns which means we can make snow on an entire trail with the same energy once used to power just one snow gun. We have also worked to make most of our snow guns fully automated. This means they will automatically adjust to the temperature and humidity while allowing us to make the best quality snow with the least amount of energy needed.

At Blue Mountain and KSL Resorts we continue to act On Purpose to protect the environment of our planet and provide the best environment to our guests. Here's to a Happy Earth Month and a continued commitment to sustainable practices!

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