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Indy Pass to launch digital pass for the 2024/25 season

Select passholders will receive the cell phone-enabled redemption system this fall, and certain partner resorts using Entabeni’s point-of-sale software will have direct-to-lift capabilities.  

GRANBY, COLORADO — Indy Pass previewed its latest innovation, announcing it will release a new digital and interactive Indy Pass in the fall of 2024. The digital pass leverages BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and is supported by additional secure on-screen redemption options. The technology goes beyond lift access, with self-service functions including waiver, pass photos, experience tracking, and payments. 
Indy Pass resort partners that leverage Entabeni’s suite of ski area management applications will be at the forefront of this innovation. They will exclusively participate in direct-to-lift, tap-to-redeem programs, or both. Magic Mountain, Vermont, Beaver Mountain, Utah, and Bluewood, Washington, have confirmed their participation in this cutting-edge technology.  
Utilizing new scanning hardware at the participating resorts, Indy passholders selected for the program will have their visits expedited by going directly to the lift or using a faster ticket window process. 
“We are not looking at this technology to replace a physical pass on day one, but for most skiers and riders, that will be the future,” reassured Indy Pass Director Erik Mogensen. He added, “Indy Pass is committed to making thoughtful and practical iterations over time. We aim to address many of the challenges in skiing with the help of technology.”
Indy Pass is unique because its hardware and software are designed, built, and supported in-house by parent company Entabeni Systems of Colorado.  Entabeni's singular mission is to create B2B and B2C products that keep independent ski areas competitive and viable.

After record sales, the 24/25 Indy Pass is currently off sale. Sign up for the 24/25 waitlist to be the first to be notified if more passes are released ahead of the upcoming winter.

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