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Tailor made snowmaking systems: TechnoAlpinīs expertise

At TechnoAlpin, every snowmaking system is an individual masterpiece that is the result of precise planning and implementation. Our planning department, made up of around 25 highly-qualified staff, works closely with various other departments such as sales, contract management and research & development to create customized solutions. From specifying technical, hydraulic and electrical components to creating a detailed masterplan, we pay attention to every detail to ensure that snowmaking is as resource-saving and energy efficient as possible.

Our technical draftsmen play a decisive role in realizing these plans. Their specialist knowledge and precision enable them to implement concepts and graphic designs that act as masterplans. These plans don't just depict the placement of snow guns and machine rooms, but also take into account possible future expansions to meet the ski area’s needs.

Our draftsmen create around 2,500 detailed drawings each year, which form the basis for successfully implementing our projects. We then create a precise offer that covers all aspects of the project based on these plans. We are proud to support ski areas across the globe with our high-quality solutions and to offer you an unforgettable snow experience.

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