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xelom – all terrain electric vehicles – electromobility made in Bolzano

The Bolzano-based company xelom, specialized in all-terrain electric mobility, presented itself to the public for the first time today at the NOI Techpark Alto Adige. The innovative company develops all-terrain electric vehicles and has been part of TechnoAlpin Holding since 2023.

xelom was founded in 2019 under the name E-Powertrac at the NOI Techpark Alto Adige, with the aim of developing vehicles with electric drive for various fields of application. The NOI Techpark network was instrumental in the rapid development of a prototype and its ongoing development. In 2022, xelom collaborated with EmiControls, a TechnoAlpin Group company, which launched the "Dust Cat" product for use in quarries and mines. Through this collaboration, TechnoAlpin recognized the potential of xelom and acquired the company in 2023. 

"xelom fits perfectly into our strategy for a more sustainable future. Our Group's sustainabil-ity efforts are many and varied, ranging from reducing energy consumption to increasing the use of renewable energies. Our products make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental footprint of ski resorts. In recent years, we have set new standards in snow-making. With xelom, we are now taking another step forward," explains Erich Gummerer, CEO of TechnoAlpin. 

The team has been continuously expanded and a major restructuring process was initiated following the acquisition. As a result, the product range has been extended to cover a variety of applications. In addition to the Dust Cat for industrial dust control, the Snow Cat provides emission-free preparation of ski slopes and cross-country ski trails. "Last winter, numerous resorts and ski centers throughout Europe had the opportunity to test the Snow Cat. The feedback has been positive across the board and the market is ready to embrace this new form of mobility. There were also many new ideas for development", says Gummerer. 

For the agricultural sector, the Alpin 10 has been developed, a fully electric mower with a highly efficient transmission, quick battery change system and easy operation, particularly suitable for steep slopes. 

"All Snow Cat, Dust Cat and Alpin 10 products launched so far are characterized by their off-road capabilities, exceptional autonomy and fully electric traction", says Thomas Wald-ner, CTO of xelom, summarizing the advantages. "All products have been designed from the ground up as electric vehicles. Every component has been developed specifically for use in electric off-road vehicles. This means that we are not limited by product lines or pre-vious specifications, but can design vehicles from scratch," continues Waldner. 

At two locations in Bolzano, all products are developed and manufactured. The company currently employs 27 people in a variety of fields. These include mechanical engineering, software development, logistics and production. There is also a support team. 
“xelom represents the concrete realization of our regional innovation strategy by our inno-vative companies and shows once again what is possible within our innovation ecosystem", says Johannes Brunner, Head of the Automotive Sector at NOI Techpark. “NOI Techpark, with its high density of developers, entrepreneurs, experts, laboratories and specialized events, is the ideal place to make such projects happen". 

Mayor Renzo Caramaschi was pleased to present another high-tech company, xelom, in Bolzano. Innovative and high-tech products such as those of xelom are an asset to the busi-ness center and contribute to the positive image of the city of Bolzano and the province of South Tyrol worldwide.

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