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TechnoAlpin: ALPINAL – The complete system for entire pipeline construction

The ALPINAL pipe system is a complete system made from ductile iron cast pipes that covers all pipeline construction requirements. The pipes and pipe fittings have been developed specifically for use in challenging conditions and are the ideal solution for water supplies in mountainous areas and at high pressures.

Like with all of its snowmaking system components, TechnoAlpin has focused on using the highest standards and certified product quality. ALPINAL combines a huge range of benefits in one system.

High safety for high operating pressure

All components have been developed specifically to meet the high demands of these conditions and are available in various sizes and pressure ratings. The ALPINAL system ensures the highest safety, even at operating pressures of up to 100 bar.

Simple laying without any welding

Pipe systems need to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions in the mountains. At the same time, it must be possible to carry out work quickly and safely. ALPINAL is characterized by its quick and easy laying method. Thanks to the push-fit socket technology, the pipes are easy to lay, even by semi-skilled personnel.

Long-lasting and durable

Ductile iron cast pipes are elastic and can be deformed under load, meaning they are resistant to pressure points caused by stones for example. They can absorb high static loads from internal pressure, traffic loads, and earth loads and also have high pressure reserves.

Plus, the ALPINAL pipes and pipe fittings are coated using zinalium, a zinc-aluminum alloy (ZnAl 85-15). As standard, it has twice the layer thickness than that required by the standard. This increases durability and extends life limits, even in aggressive soils.

Environmentally friendly 

The zinalium coating system doesn't just contribute to longevity, but also significantly boosts environmental and health protection, as it is free of solvents and the substance bisphenol A, which is damaging to health.

The ALPINAL system is manufactured by European provider PAM Saint Gobain. Just like TechnoAlpin, Saint Gobain attaches great importance to the sustainable development of its products as well as durability through the highest quality.

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